David J. Powell, PhD


Dr. David Powell is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Engineer for Sparton. In this capacity, his primary focus is strategic technology growth, technology re-use, system architecture design and rapid technology development and demonstration across a range of ASW and USW applications. He has a strong theoretical background in electro-mechanical transducer design, analysis and optimization. His practical engineering skills have proven successful in the extrapolation of theoretical designs through fully characterized experimental prototypes and transition to production designs. Applications include next-generation sonobuoys and cross-domain communications solutions featuring extended lifetime, wireless communications, GPS and intelligent in-buoy signal processing. Dr. Powell was also Principal Investigator on Sparton’s sub-launched, UAV launcher systems, resulting in the award of three patents.

Prior to his 19 years at Sparton, he worked with Weidlinger Associates Inc. supporting high performance numerical analysis and modeling of acoustic, ultrasonic and optical systems for a variety of commercial and government customers.

Prior to Weidlinger, Dr. Powell served as a Visiting Research Professor at USRD, NRL, Orlando.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (1st class Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, and a Ph.D in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Thesis – “Flexible Ultrasonic Arrays for Non-Destructive Testing”, also from the University of Strathclyde.