Harnessing Sonobuoy Design and Manufacturing Expertise

Sonobuoy Technology:

Sparton has demonstrated broad expertise and knowledge through more than 60 years of development and manufacture of sonobuoys. Sonobuoys are highly complex electromechanical devices used in Anti-Submarine warfare (ASW) conducted by the US Navy and other navies of the world. Compact, rapidly deployed and expendable, sonobuoys are optimal products to serve in this critical role for our national defense.

Sparton’s technological expertise that has successfully produced over 6 million sonobuoys is the driving force behind Sparton’s work for other highly complex military and aerospace applications. We continue to build from this strong foundation and support other military and aerospace OEM’s through our vast experience in:

  • Ruggedized electronics systems
  • RF communications
  • Lasers/optics integrated technologies
  • Mechanical motion

Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information on how Sparton can support your next Military and Aerospace design and/or manufacturing project.

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