In Vitro Diagnostics Instrumentation

Sparton has developed software for virtually all of the elements of a highly complex IVD device – from precision sample metering, mechanical motion, and instrumentation, to user interfaces, connectivity, and remote diagnostics.  Our expertise in in vitro diagnostics, combined with our capabilities in diagnostic imaging, means that we are well positioned to help our clients realize the full range of opportunities associated with targeted medicine and the trend toward providing a complete diagnostic picture. Our broad experience enables us to provide solutions that address the needs of both clinical and radiology labs.


Examples of our In Vitro Diagnostics expertise:

  • Integration of new user interface with flat panel display while increasing time-to-first-result improvement increase of 12%.
  • Developed the operational software for a new multiple-assay clinical laboratory analyzer.
  • Provided software validation and verification for a project that combined two current products into one integrated system, providing both clinical chemistry and multiple immunoassay testing on one platform.
  • Architected a next-generation remote diagnostics system.
  • Produced an Assay Protocol Verification Utility that compares the assay protocols used by several instrument models to the data created when assays are run.
  • Implemented software support for a direct high-density lipoprotein (HDL) chemistry on two of its analyzer platforms.
  • Performed complex analysis of analyzer movements and provided all the software that communicated with a LAS.

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