Missile Fire Control Sub-assembly

Sparton’s customer is a technology and innovation leader, specializing in defense, security and civil markets throughout the world. The company provides state-of-the-art electronics and a broad range of mission support services. They produce some of the most specialized and combat-proven systems in the world and are subject to demanding governmental regulations and numerous other unique demands.

Services Provided by Sparton:

Sparton’s Plaistow, NH team was engaged to manufacture a mission critical sub-assembly component used in missile fire control units. The environment for these components is extremely demanding and the components must work each and every time, without fault. Sparton’s engineering and manufacturing teams were contracted for this highly specialized scope of work:

  • Create a sub-assembly that meets US Government and Army requirements
  • Create prototype
  • Develop test procedures and documentation; conduct tests for US Government and Army qualification. Testing included:
    • Functional
    • Destructive
    • Environmental
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Shock
  • Lead supply chain management effort in collaboration with customer’s engineering and quality teams
  • Upon successful qualification, build and deliver production sub-assemblies

Key Challenges:

  • Identify and meet significant unknown U.S. Government and Army qualification issues
  • Manufacture in compliance to Missile Command Specifications, F.A.R. regulations and DCMA requirements
  • Deliver a complex, critical assembly with 100 percent customer quality acceptance
  • Avoid upstream compliance issues and product testing failures
  • Establish new test protocols for final acceptance

End Result

Having specialized expertise in both complex assemblies and US Government and Army regulations enabled Sparton to respond successfully to demanding regulatory protocols and unique demands for this customer. Sparton helped identify previously unknown governmental qualifications, formulate and complete qualification processes, and transition into final production with no end-user delays and 100 percent quality acceptance. By simplifying a complex process, Sparton helped alleviate some of the product developer’s burden so they could focus on IP development and product roadmaps.

“The Sparton Business System culture enables us to be refined, yet rigorous, in our ability to support products in demanding environments. These products need careful consideration and commitment from the entire organization, and that is precisely the way that we operate at Sparton”.

– Jim Adams, Business Unit Director, Plaistow, NH Facility

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