New Year, New Cybersecurity Threats

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You don’t need data or sophisticated algorithms to prove that cyber-crime is on the rise. If you require evidence simply turn on your TV, pull up your newsfeed or browse the Internet and you’re sure to be overwhelmed with information on cyber-attacks. What’s more, the type, volume, and methods are continuously evolving. A phrase frequently used is “The criminals are always one step ahead of law enforcement.” This is likely true as clichés typically emerge from reality. So, if the people whose job it is to prevent it are lagging behind, how is the average person expected to stay ahead of the curve? The sobering fact is that this most likely is impossible. On the positive side of the ledger is that the same prevention methods used for countering current approaches generally apply to the latest trends.

Sparton’s white paper Cybersecurity and Design: Managing New Risk and Requirements outlines ways to protect yourself and your organization from a cyber-attack. Design News recently published an article Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats to Watch Out for in 2017. Given that information is one of the most potent weapons against cyber-crime, we hope that by reading this post you’re now better equipped to combat the growing threat. Do you have thoughts or information that would aid in cyber-crime prevention? Share your ideas in the comments section below to get the dialogue started. After all, we’re all in this together.

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