Sparton Announces Issuance of Two US Patents on Electronics

Schaumburg, Ill. – January 9, 2019 – Sparton Corporation (NYSE:SPA) today announced the issuance of two patents to the Company by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One for an invention that protects electronic circuits from electromagnetic fields and one for the invention of a high efficiency power amplifier.

Patent number 10,070,547 is an invention that protects electronic circuits and devices from radiated electromagnetic fields by using nickel phosphorus or nickel chromium material embedded within the layers of a printed circuit board to function as a filter. Tests on Sparton sonobuoys to meet Navy Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) standards have demonstrated an ability to significantly reduce electronic circuit and device vulnerability.

Patent number 10,090,771 is an invention that improves switching mode power amplifiers. The improved design eliminates undesirable effects of finite transition time, provides higher efficiency, and is scalable. The amplifier also provides other performance advantages relative to conventional switching mode power amplifier designs. This invention made it possible to significantly improve the Navy’s AN/SSQ-125 sonobuoy.

“Sparton has an extensive and growing library of patents across a range of technologies,” said Jim Lackemacher, Group Vice President of the Engineered Components and Products Segment. “These two patents are important additions to that library as we move forward in a marketplace that is dynamic and increasingly more competitive. Sparton’s growing technological expertise allows us to provide the most innovative products to our customers.”

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